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How I Make Videos

I made a video about the equipment I use to make my YouTube videos.  I made a second video about the software I use.  All of the equipment is detailed below, as are links to the software.

Not the first action camera to enter the market but when I was researching options the DJI Osmo was as good as, or perhaps better than the more common option.  With 4k, 60fps capabilities, excellent image stabilisation and a forward facing screen as standard, this was an easy choice.

The Osmo comes with a battery but you will almost certainly need a spare if you're capturing footage continuously, away from a charging point.  You'll probably get an hour of 4k recording from a full charge.  I charge batteries whilst it is in the Osmo, but you can buy standalone charging stations.  

The Osmo won't come with a memory card.  Quite a detailed topic but the SanDisk Extreme series was recommended and they work well for me.  I've got two which has been plenty for me, although filming in 4K will fill them up pretty quickly! Keep an eye out for sales, as you can't have too many of them!

Editing Software:  Davinci Resolve

Screen Recording:  OBS Studio

Thumbnail Maker:  Powerpoint

Cathrin Manning YouTube

Graham Stephan YouTube

Loki Doki YouTube Series

VidIQ YouTube

My second camera is my phone. The Xiaomi offered everything I needed in a phone for half the price of more recognised brands. It also records in 4k at 60 frames per second through the front camera. It really is a fantastic camera, and you can also use it to make telephone calls too!

Regardless of your computer's capacity and your editing software's optimisation strategy, you'll find your hard drive filling up quicker than you think!  A 10 minute video takes up 150 GB of space for me, so an external hard drive is essential. Backing up to a cloud storage location is also advisable.  Expensive, but essential.

This is where it gets fun. The Osmo has the same docking device as the more common GoPro, so the accessories are interchangable.  A 50 piece kit like this one has just about everything you'll need to use your camera on the go. Including some things you'll probably never use!!

You'll need a tripod to stablise your shots, and this does the job. It is still primarily made of plastic so does have some flex, but that’s been the case with several tripods I’ve had over the years and you need to spend quite a lot more to get a true professional tripod.  But this will do a good job for you at a good price.

You don't by an action camera for its sound capabilities. The inbuilt camera is adequate, and does the job in noisy circumstances. But for a "professional" sound capture, you'll need an external microphone such as this lavalier (ie lapel) mic. I find my phone is actually the best recording medium I own so I plug this mic into my phone and bingo!

My first few videos were just filmed, with no additional lighting. You can just about make me out in them...  So a lighting kit will be another early purchase.  I plumped for this 3 light system rather than the single, circular set-up you often see, as I thought it would produce a more rounded lighting effect.  Which it does!

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